The Underground City Osówka is prepared to receive anybody. We invite you, does not matter what age you are or what convictions you represent. Both the Poles and foreigners. Children, youth, adults and for seniors. Individuals and organised groups.

Children below 4 y.o. accompanied by parents, only on the Historical Route, free of charge. Children between 5 and 10 y.o. with parents, groups z guardians, on the Educational Route. Children above 8 y.o. under the care pf parents, groups with guardians and adults – on the Extreme Route. Persons fit enough without any ailments, on the Expedition Route.

Underground there is permanent dusk and it is very humid, and some corridors are very low.

We do not recommend visiting for persons suffering from claustrophobia. We ask parents to think twice before they decide to visit the complex with very little children.